Tommy Womack: dust bunnies, a memoir

Beloved Nashville musician Tommy Womack will celebrate the release of dust bunnies, a memoir this November. Womack’s first non-fiction work since the 1995 cult classic, Cheese Chronicles: The True Story of a Band You Never Heard Of, dust bunnies (ISBN: 978-0692180570, Trade Paper, $18.95) will be available where fine books are sold on November 20, 2018.

Part memoir, part journey through the center of Tommy Womack’s brilliant and battle-scarred mind, dust bunnies is rollicking, hair-raising, tear-jerking, gasp-inducing, charming, disturbing, blush-worthy, and damned funny. A long-awaited but well-worth-the-wait read, dust bunnies is uninhibited, unvarnished, unapologetic, and un-put-downable.

Zipping back in forth in time—from childhood to waking up in jail, from memories of dad and high school to trying to find the gig in Boston, from a cupcake to a trusty Fender Telecaster—dust bunnies is a wildly irreverent, wickedly entertaining and wonderfully witty tale about ADD, alcohol, Jesus, rehab, small-town Kentucky, depression, Tourette’s, rock and roll, life on the road, and life off the road.

Raw, honest, and unflinchingly real, dust bunnies unfolds somewhere in the space between dark and light, comedy and tragedy, rock ’n’ roll and rehab, torment and contentment. Eminently readable, exceedingly well-written and brimming with wit and charm, humor and truth, dust bunnies has garnered high advance praise:

“Tommy Womack is as honest as the day is hard, possessed of a Mark Twain-on-Xanax wit, a Bob Dylan sense of absurdity, a Kentucky-bred humility, a short but sweet attention span and a spirit that endears him to the most talented people in America’s most talented town, Nashville. dust bunnies is remarkable, and unlike anything.” —Peter Cooper, recording artist and author of Johnny’s Cash & Charley’s Pride

“A detailed account of addiction, danger and good clean fun… without inhibitions or pretense.” —Garry Tallent, Bassist, Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band

“A brilliant memoir by one of Nashville’s finest singer-songwriters. For round pegs in square holes everywhere.” —John Hiatt

Singer-songwriter, author, humorist and Kentucky native Tommy Womack got his start in 1985 to 1992 with legendary Bowling Green-based Government Cheese, whose story is immortalized in Cheese Chronicles. Upon moving to Nashville in 1992, Tommy’s become known for his long working relationship with Will Kimbrough, starting with their bands the bis-quits and Daddy. Since 1998, Tommy has released seven solo albums, the latest being Namaste. Tommy has written for numerous publications including the Oxford American and is a regular contributor to The East Nashvillian. He has lived in Nashville for 26 years, with his wife Beth and their son Nathan. Visit Tommy online at:

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