Fact and fiction mix in Bowling Green

Hidden today in a wooded lot, just outside of Bowling Green, dreams come true, and sometimes nightmares. There is a fine line that separates the two, and just as fine a line between fact and fiction. The woods outside of town are the home of Magnum Model Studio and Magnum Caliber films, and they are at the root of the story plots described in a fictional adventures series by local author, Douglas Daech.

Daech's book Strings Attached, an Adventure of James Magnum Cook, published in 2017, is fiction. But, the main character, models, and film studio described in the book are real. Magnum Caliber Films was created in 2005 and has produced seven films right here in Bowling Green. In 2006 Cook started investing in other film projects around the globe and is credited as a producer on over 60 films ranging from short documentaries to feature-length comedies and horror.

James Cook is the real live president and CEO of Magnum's Models/Magnum Caliber Films. He is also the lead character in the book series. Author Daech explains, "When you are creating a lead character for a story, you want a superman. You need someone who can do anything and be anything. James Cook is that man." In truth, Cook is a jack-of-all-trades. In addition to being surrounded by beautiful women as a model photographer, he has worked in security and private investigation. He has run for political office, managed a business, and is even an adventure experience pilot. "He's the perfect type of hero to write books around."

The first book in Daech's series is titled Strings Attached. It's an adventure romance. Cook and his beautiful office manager, Peggy, are hired to guard a rare guitar as it travels with a friend's band on tour. Cook has worked with Peggy for years but hasn't noticed she's in love with him. ‪His musician friends have seen the obvious hints, and while they are on tour, play match-making pranks to get them together. ‪When the guitar disappears on their watch, they follow the clues to find the classic guitar, and on the way, maybe true love.

Hindsight is Twenty Twenty, published in 2018, is the second adventure. Daech explains, "This book is a paranormal mystery where Cook finds an old camera that takes pictures of the past. He uses the camera to solve local crimes and help others. He even learns things about himself." In Twenty Twenty Cook's romance with Peggy grows, but things get complicated when he puts everyone at risk as word gets out about the magic camera. There is one person in town who is willing to do anything to keep his secret hidden.

Author Douglas Daech has lived in this area for almost twenty years, and facts have spilled into his fiction before. Seedy Hills, an Odd Little Town, features an image of the Russellville Square on its cover. In fact, some of the scenes and situations are eerily similar to Russellville, where he lived at the time he wrote it. "Seedy Hills is a fictional city," he explains. "The town is plagued by vampires, ghosts, UFO's and even bigfoot." These mythical elements, combined with vivid descriptions of a familiar setting, bring the story to life.

Besides these three novels, local author Douglas Daech has five other paperbacks. All of them are available at Amazon.com. If you use an e-reader, digital downloads are also available at Smashword.com, Apple, Sony, Kobo, and Barns and Noble online. The internet has expanded Daech’s range of sales, and he has readers around the world. His novels range from science fiction to romance, mystery, and even vampires. Daech has numerous five-star reviews and has been described by fans as an excellent storyteller. Be sure to check out this local author and proud member of your community.

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